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Cheesie with a Smile

Once upon a time, there lived a girl who loved cheese. Like a lot. She loved cheese so much that she calls herself ‘Cheesie’. In 2004, she started a blog. It was named… wait for it… Her first blog... Continue Reading →


Win FREE tickets to watch KL’s greatest COMEDY SHOW!

Like most people, we enjoy being in stitches. Not the surgical kind of course! If you're looking for a good laugh to ease off all that work stress, then look no further! PopDQ is giving you a chance to win... Continue Reading →

Johanis Sani is a mean girl

ˇJohanis Sani... How do I even begin to explain Johanis Sani? "Johanis Sani is fleek." "She has 2 Nike shoes, and a silver Saga" "I hear she coloured her hair in Korea for free" "I hear she did a commercial...... Continue Reading →

Dr. Andrew – Plastic Surgeon

Plastic surgery isn’t taboo anymore. It’s a booming industry. This week, our Featured Expert Dr. Andrew Khoo (Plastic Surgeon | SG) takes us behind the scenes. Tucked inside the tall, glowing and glass-walled Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre, Singapore is a... Continue Reading →

Cheerleading Myths, Gender Bias In Music & Botox Risks

Swamped with homework? Busy at office? Tune in to Pop X, so you don’t miss a thing! Every week, Pop X gives you a peek into the 10 TOP ANSWERS from our panel of esteemed experts from all over Asia on... Continue Reading →

Johanis Sani – Keeping It Real

Rising YouTube starlet Johanis Sani shines in the spotlight. But what she gains in popularity, she loses in privacy. Does that bother her at all? Check out Johanis' full answer on PopDQ today - available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. You... Continue Reading →

Bubblynotes – Parenting & Lifestyle Blogger

PopDQ offers an array of experts for you to choose from in the category of your interest; be it health, fashion, or even feng shui. This week, we shine the spotlight on one of our Featured Experts. Introducing PopDQ’s parenting expert, Bubblynotes!... Continue Reading →

PopDQ has popped!

You have a date on Saturday night. But when it comes to romance, you’re quite a noob. Then a bulb flashes in your mind: “Hmm… dinner and movie at home should seal the deal!” Great idea, but you’re unsure how... Continue Reading →

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