PopDQ offers an array of experts for you to choose from in the category of your interest; be it health, fashion, or even feng shui. This week, we shine the spotlight on one of our Featured Experts.

Introducing PopDQ’s parenting expert, Bubblynotes!

Farah Waheda & son, Firash

Farah Waheda, better known as Bubblynotes, is a blogger of many trades, with a niche in beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and parenting. Her personality clearly translates in her writing, so expect only “bubbly notes’’ from her whether it’s written in Bahasa Malaysia or English. As a Mommy Blogger of one (a boy) she blogs about all the things mommies love: motherhood, fashion, beauty, food, travel, and more. Her aim in blogging is to share her experiences and tips as a mother to help her readers breeze through parenthood smoothly.

Check out her website and follow her on social media! – http://www.bubblynotes.com

She is hugely influential (+13K followers on Instagram). Her how-to guides are largely backed up with proper research. Ask her just about anything about pregnancy, post-pregnancy, and toddler troubles. When asked about her views on traditional punishment (such as spanking) as a form of discipline, she stands her ground that it is incompatible with current norms, and instead cause more negative impact. She advocates being firm with ground rules, and enforcing “beneficial punishment” (e.g. doing chores) as an alternative approach.

As a modern mom in the modern age, I always believe that the way we educate our children should be different from those days we were brought up.

Check out the video she made about PopDQ on her Instagram: http://bit.ly/2eTI3kl

She offers helpful advice to young first-time couples on baby troubles like nappy rash problems, or how to effectively handle a hyperactive toddler on a day out. She not only addresses the why, but also the how.

And that’s not all! She’s not only well-versed in the parenting department, but also knows a few tips and tricks in beauty and fashion. Pop her a question about how to style yourself after pregnancy, and she could go on and on about how to look young and beautiful again! She knows her stuff, clearly. She has done the countless reviews on products for children, food, beauty and et cetera, on her blog.

There are some who relate ‘pregnancy glow’ to the sex of the baby in the womb. But those are just words; what matters is you and how you carry yourself.

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Photo credits to Farah Waheda.