You have a date on Saturday night. But when it comes to romance, you’re quite a noob.

Then a bulb flashes in your mind: “Hmm… dinner and movie at home should seal the deal!” Great idea, but you’re unsure how to execute. What to cook? What to watch? What to wear? Your friends aren’t much help. You need specifics, and Google’s too generic. You’re running out of time. So who do you call?


Now, imagine a place where you can get personalised answers to all your burning questions from a panel of international experts.

That place is PopDQ.

What is PopDQ?

It’s a Q&A mobile app where you can ‘pop’ questions to industrial professionals or famous celebrities, and get on-the-go answers. These experts can choose how much (or how little) to charge for answers in text, audio, and video. But here’s in the kicker: the asker can earn too! When popping a question, you have the option to charge others for ‘eavesdropping’ into the answers given, or allow for free public viewing (if you’re the charitable kind). So the more questions you pop, the more views you get, the more credits you earn!

PopDQ – Question and Answer App with Experts from PopDQ on Vimeo.

How does PopDQ work?

Three simple steps:

  • Download the app on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store for FREE
  • Create an account (each early beta user is given $1 worth of free credits at sign-up!)
  • Start popping questions away!

The home page shows a list of recent trending answers, so you’ll never miss the biggest ‘pops’. Got a question but not sure who to ask? Then browse through our categories (fashion, medical, feng shui, etc.) and find the expert you need. Looking for a famous familiar face or two? Then scroll through our panel of 100+ Featured Users – which includes the likes of international model Amber Chia and Singapore TV actress Cynthia Koh!

Who knows? You may even be ‘popped’ a question by other users! On PopDQ, anyone can answer questions (Ph.D and MBA not required!). And if you have enough experience and expertise, you can be promoted to a Featured User.

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Get Your Questions Answered By Experts

Now, back to your Saturday date. You’ve popped your questions, and here are the answers:

You: “Teach me how to cook a simple three-course meal for my dinner date tonight!”
Chef: “Okay, I’m going to recommend shrimp salad for appetizer, chicken cordon bleu as the main, and finish up with chocolate-coated strawberries…” 

You: “What’s a good lovey dovey movie to cuddle through the night?”
Counsellor: “Go for a cult classic: 10 Things I Hate About You, 500 Days of Summer, or even Casablanca…”

You: “Any tips for a date night at home over dinner and movie?”
Fashionista: “Try something sexy but casual! Here’s what you do: put on a chic sweatpants and tank top, style your hair in a messy tousle, go light on make-up with natural tints…”

And you’re good to go! The next question you pop may just be “Will you marry me?”

So download PopDQ today and get personalised answers from experts!