Plastic surgery isn’t taboo anymore. It’s a booming industry. This week, our Featured Expert Dr. Andrew Khoo (Plastic Surgeon | SG) takes us behind the scenes.

Tucked inside the tall, glowing and glass-walled Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre, Singapore is a clinic called Aesthetic & Reconstructive Centre. It is where plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew and his medical team see and treat their patients.


Botox injection is a popular non-invasive procedure. It’s a way to preserve one’s youthful looks. Like all procedures, there are risks but Dr. Andrew says that they are rare. “The injection of Botox into the facial muscles is generally a safe procedure,” he explains, “The most important thing is to place the right dosage in the right place.”

What about rhinoplasty (aka nose job)? The common risks include “anaesthesia, bleeding, infection, asymmetry, implant malposition and prominent scars” but these are few and far between. The risk varies with the complexity of the rhinoplasty, he adds.

With 20+ years of medical training and practice, you can be sure you’re in safe hands when you drop by Dr. Andrew’s clinic. And he is quite open about his methods and philosophies.


In an age where double-eyelid surgery is all the rage amongst young females, question marks arise as to the safe minimum age. “We would generally do the surgery only when the eyelids are fully developed and the child is mature enough to understand what is being done,” Dr. Andrew says, “this would mean in their late teens at the earliest.” Even then, the consent of their parents is mandatory before he would go ahead.

Cosmetic surgery isn’t just for ladies, of course. Even men are drawn to it. “Their common requests,” Dr. Andrew reveals, “are acne scarring, upper and lower eyelid surgery, recontouring of the chest, liposuction and face-lifting.”

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Image Credit: Dr. Andrew Khoo