ˇJohanis Sani… How do I even begin to explain Johanis Sani?

“Johanis Sani is fleek.”
“She has 2 Nike shoes, and a silver Saga”
“I hear she coloured her hair in Korea for free”
“I hear she did a commercial… for Maybelline”
“Her favourite movie is School of Rock”
“One time, she met Christopher at the backstage of a concert…”
“And he told her she was beautiful”
“One time, she threw a chair at me… it was awesome.”

mean girls gifgiphy.gif

If you’re a Mean Girls fan, you’d definitely get the reference.

Fun fact: Mean Girls is actually Johanis’ 2nd most favourite movie!

Johanis Sani – Jack of all trades.

Johanis is a Malaysian YouTuber who makes videos consisting of makeup tutorials, YouTube challenges, song covers, travelogues and vlogs. With her tenacity and independence, you’d find it hard to believe that she’s only 19!

Earning a living from doing what you love is hard to come by for most of us, but luckily for this rising Malaysian YouTuber, she gets to do exactly that. But how did she start creating content and gaining such popularity?

Johanis first started creating content on the 6-second app, Vine. If you’re familiar with it, you would understand how challenging it is to fit quality content within 6 seconds. However, it wasn’t a task too difficult for Johanis (aka Acidgaf on Vine). She managed to gain a following through Revines on Vine and Twitter, which inspired her to continue to create more out of passion. Johanis currently has a following of 70.1k on Vine, and has over 28 million loops. With the recent news of Vine shutting down, you better hop on over and loop Johanis’ Vines before they’re all gone.

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Her mother owns a boutique, and if you frequent on ZALORA and Fashion Valet you probably would know Haizi Boutique. Johanis even modelled for some of her mom’s designs, which you can see over on Haizi Boutique‘s official Instagram account. Not only does her mom have an eye for fashion design, but she is also crafty and has a niche for wedding planning. It is without a doubt that Johanis is her mother’s daughter. But who else, other than her mom, has been a big part of her life?

Johanis can do more than just carry a tune. “Growing up, I was surrounded by musically-inclined family members,” she says. So it’s only natural that she is into music too. If you’re familiar with old school local indie bands, you might know Johanis’ sister and her band, Joanna & Co. She learned to hone her singing skills from her family members. “They taught me to throw my voice and harmonize,” she explains. She also learned to play the guitar as well. Having a family full of talented performers, taking the stage seemed like second skin to her. But just like every performer, she still gets the nerves. She’s only human, after all.

Johanis started to have an interest in makeup from a very young age when her sister put makeup on her frequently, for fun. Since then, as she went through the highs and lows of teen-hood, she learned to be more creative and experimental with makeup. “I can’t live without concealer and brow pencil,” she reveals, “And eyeliner. And mascara. And lipstick. And eyeshadow.” Basically, all the works. But who’s complaining? Her makeup is always on point!

Johanis just recently discovered her love for travelling when she went on a tour in Europe, solo. Not many people can say that they got to travel solo while in their teens. And being the shutterbug she is, she had to capture the experience as much as possible to put it up on YouTube to share her adventures with her fans and followers.

Now, you must feel a little cheated if you came here to see if Johanis Sani is a mean girl. The truth is, she is. She packs a mean punch when it comes to dealing with life, and whatever life throws her way. She’s talented, smart, and hardworking; and she doesn’t stop there.

Who’s to say what she’ll be venturing into next?

If you want to know how she does it all, pop her a question on PopDQ today!


Picture credits to Johanis Sani.