Like most people, we enjoy being in stitches. Not the surgical kind of course!

If you’re looking for a good laugh to ease off all that work stress, then look no further!
PopDQ is giving you a chance to win FREE tickets to watch a comedy show, hosted by some of Malaysia’s top comedians!

The Boyz II Men of Stand Up consist of 5 comedians: Kuah Jenhan, Kavin Jay, Andrew Netto, Phoon Chi Ho and Papi Zak, who are all celebrating 10 YEARS IN COMEDY. Even if you’ve never been to any stand up comedy shows, you are guaranteed to be left in tears and stitches. Hopefully you’re not laughtose intolerant.

How do I win?

  1. Download POPDQ on Apple or Google:
  2. Pop your questions to Phoon Chi Ho
  3. TWO WINNERS will be chosen based on the BEST question popped!

The contest ends on 14 November 2016 at noon.

The winners with the best questions will be announced on 15 November 2016, and they will each receive 2 FREE tickets to shows either on 16 or 17 November 2016 at Crackhouse Comedy Club KL.

Find him on PopDQ & pop him a question now!

Now you must be wondering, what is constituted as a good question? That’s completely up to your creativity! But here are some tips: you can ask him something that will make him laugh (“Does chocolate milk come from brown cows?”), or for life advice (“Happy wife = happy life, but how do I keep my wife happy?”) Be bold, be witty; pop as many questions as you want!

Check out their Facebook event page for more details on their show times and venue.

So #popaway now and all the best!