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Cheesie with a Smile

Once upon a time, there lived a girl who loved cheese. Like a lot. She loved cheese so much that she calls herself ‘Cheesie’. In 2004, she started a blog. It was named… wait for it… Her first blog... Continue Reading →


Johanis Sani is a mean girl

ˇJohanis Sani... How do I even begin to explain Johanis Sani? "Johanis Sani is fleek." "She has 2 Nike shoes, and a silver Saga" "I hear she coloured her hair in Korea for free" "I hear she did a commercial...... Continue Reading →

Dr. Andrew – Plastic Surgeon

Plastic surgery isn’t taboo anymore. It’s a booming industry. This week, our Featured Expert Dr. Andrew Khoo (Plastic Surgeon | SG) takes us behind the scenes. Tucked inside the tall, glowing and glass-walled Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre, Singapore is a... Continue Reading →

Bubblynotes – Parenting & Lifestyle Blogger

PopDQ offers an array of experts for you to choose from in the category of your interest; be it health, fashion, or even feng shui. This week, we shine the spotlight on one of our Featured Experts. Introducing PopDQ’s parenting expert, Bubblynotes!... Continue Reading →

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